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Rites of Impregnable Defense: Reliable Soultions for Protection Magic (e-report)

Price: $35.95 ($35.95 incl. TAX)

When you go to an occult store and ask the guy behind the counter for protection, he'll pull up a book with the LBRP and some candles and oils. If you're like me, you might think quietly: "Is that it?". Many magicians eventually develop rituals or methods for when the going gets tough. We turned to our defacto go-to guy in Ruhaniat and asked Nineveh Shadrach to give us the methods he uses to kick the ass of evil ass kickers. Here we go!

Be one of the first five to pick up these methods and you'll get as a bonus the three lettered word that Nineveh has secretly used again and again to build a magical fortress around himself.

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