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Book of Deadly Names (Collector's Edition)

Price: $120.00 ($120.00 incl. TAX)

" ... it is difficult to understand why anyone (except a demented experimenter wanting to evoke unmitigated evil) would wish to deal with such totally destructive entities in a visionary ceremonial basis." ~ Poke Runyon author of The Book of Solomon's Magick

800 years ago in a time of oriental magic and mystery...

Sorcerers who mastered the art of summoning powerful djinn walked the lands of Andalusia and North Africa. One such sorcerer left behind a handwritten manuscript containing forbidden secrets of the most terrible and powerful of all the evil djinn.

Something about this particular manuscript was so disturbing that it ended up literally buried in Spanish Royal Commissioner’s palace. It survived through the ravages of time with its ghastly mysteries intact until a scholarly dig discovered it and innocently added it to the University of Toledo’s collection.

After laying in obscurity for many decades, it has been noticed, translated and brought to you.

This prized find is one of the oldest specimens of what are referred to as ‘Solomonic Heritage’ manuscripts being older than any currently existing copies of the Goetia. It tells the tale of King Solomon’s heroic encounter with 72 powerful beings of evil incarnate.

Our anonymous ancient sorcerer left complete details on the 72 most evil of the djinn, their names, their descriptions, their locations, their afflictions and the magical keys to counter their attacks on humans. This manuscript stands unique in comparison with traditional djinn grimoires, since djinn demand that the sorcerers must not reveal their secrets, or suffer terrible pain.

Glimpse what had the oriental masters so shaking in their sandals that they buried this thing.

You will get a complete and meticulous English translation. On the right side is the reproduction of the original Arabic and on the left an accurately rendered translation in English.

You will get a phonetic guide. 

You will get a personalized copy with a front plate numbered between 1 and 255.

You will get 72 beautifully illustrated full page black and white drawings of each of the djinn. This amazing artwork is by fantasy artist and Golden Dawn adept Marcel Chenier.

Act now, before the only copy of this grimoire you can find is on eBay with a jacked-up price.  (And that’s assuming that anyone who owns a copy will ever want to let it go!)

Important:  Get this edition and as a bonus, you will get an extra booklet filled with 72 fully colored images of the djinn. There are less than fifty of these left, which makes them an exotic and scarce addition to any library.

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