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City of Talismans

You will get:

100+ unique talismans for prosperity, banishing poverty, fulfillment of debt, success in business, and all kinds of wealth miracles.

40+ unique talismans for return of a runaway, restoration of lost or stolen property, finding buried or hidden goods and treasures, dispersal of groups or unions based on unethical premises or ill intent, and liberation of those bound by black magic.

70+ unique talismans for all stages of pregnancy, from facilitating conception to easy delivery and removal of all obstacles to having a child.

75+ unique talismans for discovering the identity of a thief, protection from bandits and criminals, binding of the tongue from backbiting and slander, removal of black magic binding, getting rid of a bad neighbor and blocking the evil eye.

125+ unique talismans and amulets for protection , shielding against all kinds of fears, repelling enemies, success with rulers, hiding from tyrants and surviving the enmity of government, escape from all calamities and hardships, overcoming depression and all maladies, escape from all dangers, and banishing demons.

100+ Unique talismans for fulfillment of all needs, getting people to do what you want, getting the jinn to obey you, facilitating all matters related to honors, social reception, personal status, opening all doors, having one’s prayers answered, and overall protection and success in life.

This book is more than a list of nearly 500 talismans from ancient manuscripts on Arabic magic. It is an instruction manual, as each talisman comes with explanations on how to use it and often the explanation of its design. You can combine any number of these talismans or use them as a template to create your own. This is a must have reference for every magician’s bookshelf.

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