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Life Growth Planetary Manifestation Mantra

Price: $150.00 ($150.00 incl. TAX)

Digging through ancient manuscripts a formula was uncovered that could produce mantras with many powerful effects. This formula was used by Nineveh Shadrach in his personal magical practice and remains guarded by him. By popular demand of a number of his students, who wanted more powerful mantras they can use in their own personal life, he decided to take it one step further to make these amazing mantras available to limited number of people.

One of the secrets of their power is that they are produced and recorded by Nineveh Shadrach in a case-by-case basis. The first step in the creation of these mantras is analysis of your personal astrological chart. He will need your astrological information at birth and the name of the city that you currently reside in. This is used to analyze the astrological influences at your birth and those that come from any recent relocation. Nineveh will look at all this data and tweak the mantras accordingly to maximize the interplay between the mantras and your personal chart. He will also provide you with astrological recommendations to help you meet your goals.

This hour long analysis is then followed by creating personalized mantras and spiritual empowerment. You will be asked to provide your first name, your father's and mother's first names, and your last name. This is essential to making the mantra work as intended. Yes, the audio files will work for you and you only.

The process of creating these personalized mantra files spanning many audio hours take considerable time to produce, so please allow Nineveh 4-5 days before the files are delivered to you for download. You will also receive by email any recommendations as a result of the analysis of your chart.

Nineveh will only be able to process only 20 orders in total from all current mantra sets due to the time consuming nature of producing these files. We apologize in advance to many of our customers who will be left disappointed that they weren't able to get in on these mantras before we were sold out.

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