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Jinn Secrets Power eReport

Jinn Secrets Power eReport
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The first secret is the Jinn King of the Sun. As any reader of Arabic magic might know, the Jinn king presiding over the planetary jinns of the Sun is called Al-Madhab. But is this enough to contact him? Of course not. Here we have not only his true name and rank, but also his true seal, his genealogy and his nickname, along with precise information of how to gain his cooperation, a true treasure in and of itself.

The second secret are 15 names of Asaf bin Berechiah. These are not contained in the Grand Key and are not translated in any work. Each name has a specific purpose, each one has a magical square, and the use of only a third of these names could bring more to the practitioner than any other grimoire out there, granted he would be willing to put effort into it. From the treatment of ones illnesses and those of others to the perceptions of the jinn and stoping vehicles in their paths, the names have a multitude of uses.

Secret three consists of a wonderful method of detecting black magic and jinn where there is doubt of the cause.

Secret four is related to Iblis, the equivalent of Lucifer in the Muslim tradition. It is the first time when I can find a comprehensive list of his descent (genealogy) and of his children. Yes, he does have offspring. Some of the most powerful jinn are said to be his descendants or direct children, one of the most powerful being Danhash.

Secrets five and six deal directly with jinn evocation, perhaps one of the most direct approaches I ve ever read.

Secret seven deals with the release of the resident jinn, a thing never taught in Western magic, but often cited in Arabic grimoires. Most evocations fail because the resident jinn of a place, be it deserted cave or one s home, has not been dismissed and sent away temporarily, and he can often cause the evocation to fail. If somebody invites someone in your own house, wouldn't you try to keep them out?

And finally, the eighth secret deals with the magical ink needed in the writing of the talisman and figures, something that has always concerned me and now I can say I am thankful of finding.

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