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Love Healing Prosperity Through Occult Powers of the Alphabet

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Unleash powerful enchantments for enriching your life when you cast spells based on the mysteries of the magic of letters (literal Kabalah). The ancient sages considered this branch of magic more powerful than evoking a wish-granting genie. It should then come as no surprise that they did not fully reveal its secrets to the Western world beyond the mystical attributions of letters and the application of numerology.

Now you can take a glimpse at its infinite possibilities through direct examples of how to apply its ancient occult techniques to improve your fortune, your love life, and your health. These controversial subjects are tackled ethically and frankly by an adept, for those looking to improve their material as well as spiritual existence.

You will discover:

  • How to improve your income and overall prosperity by unleashing the power of the second letter through a talismanic magic ring of wealth. --- on page 5

  • How to use an ancient magical name of love, fertility, and plenty to attract the power of fortune into your life day-in and day-out. --- on page 13

  • How to create an enchanted ointment to enhance your charisma and how people react to you. --- on page 47

  • How to attract a loving partner who genuinely cares about you, helps you grow spiritually and with whom you have a powerful past-life link, by using incense and power of the letters alone. --- on page 54

  • How to use the greatest name of the Divine and the Seals of King Solomon with their planetary talismans to create miraculous healing water. --- on page 109

  • How to use the mysteries of the letters to discover the name of your guardian angel and establish a connection almost from the get-go --- on page 117

Here is what one magical adept had to say: 

I wish I had this one book when I was writing my third chapter to THE EASTERN MYSTERIESIt is a thoroughly readable and enjoyable journey, and once you purchase this book you will not want to part with it. ~ David Allen Hulse (Author of The Eastern Mysteries: An Encyclopedic Guide to the Sacred Languages & Magickal Systems of the World)

It isn't often that a modern book enriches the magical arts with mysteries copied from the folds of ancient and rare Arabic spell grimoires and presented for modern magicians to use in their regular practice. The book was written for beginners but, as an advanced magician, you have an opportunity to see samples of techniques and rituals long-hidden so that you can adapt them to your own personal workings. Try it for yourself and  improve your life through effective and time tested mysteries of the occult powers of the alphabet.

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  • ISBN-10: 0978053567
  • ISBN-13: 978-0-9780535-6-7
  • Book Format: 5 x 8 in Perfect Bound
  • Page Count: 176

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