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Magic Squares and the Tree of Life

Price: $19.95 ($19.95 incl. TAX)

There's A Secret Magic Square Almost Nobody (Except A Few, Elite, Very Advanced Adepts) Knows About... That Once In Your Hands...Can Unleash Tremendous Spiritual Force

Ancient masters believed you would possess the magic if you put 10,000 numbers in a 100x100 grid to create a perfect magic square. They hid it from the profane. It then vanished into obscurity until now.

Ask around and even the highest adepts of the Golden Dawn will freely admit as far as they know magic squares extend no further than 13x13. It is easy to understand why modern Western teachings on magic squares diverged from what was taught by those old masters.  European knowledge of magic squares developed independently after Manuel Moschopoulos introduced them into Europe in 1300 A.D. He most likely learned them from the Arabs, who didn’t pass their most prized knowledge to him. 

We live in changing times, so take advantage of it. Nineveh Shadrach has now lifted the veil on the existence of this powerful magical artifact.  You can have the knowledge that so far has escaped Western adepts for centuries.

Anyone who has dug in hidden places in search of life changing arcane secrets will find a master key inside this book. Plus…

Lore and Legend: You will get a direct translation of one of the rare manuscripts dedicated to this square of magic. Read for yourself what the ancients had to say in their own words.

Practical Manual of Instructions: You will find in these pages an easy way to construct your own magnificent magic square.  Bonus! Every part of these magical squares has been already calculated and all 10,000 numbers have been prewritten for you.  All you have to do is copy them into your own personal grid. 

•  Not Just How But Why:  Discover the numerological principles behind the mysteries of this square. Why was this square associated with the Greek Mysteries? How do these ancient occult secrets shed light on the development of the Tree of Life?

•  Keys to the Tree of Life: Nineveh Shadrach has taken the original materials to a whole new level. You get ten variations of the original square. Each is designed to laser-focus the spiritual powers of the ten emanations of the Tree of Life.

Beginners:  The key to being an expert is to study what the experts are studying. This book is a must have if your shelf is stuffed with occult books that are heavy on simplistic practices and general theory and light on instructions and advanced concepts.  This book will challenge you if you have been on a steady diet of sugar-coated fluff. Even if you think it is above your grade, it is still worth your money because “Ther's gold in them thar hills!”.

Intermediate: This book is a must have if you are ready to push the envelope and explore magic once reserved for high adepts of the art.

Advanced: You probably own the book by now and are in the process of constructing the magic squares that correspond with Chokmah (Wisdom) and Binah (Understanding).

Magic Squares and the Tree of Life presents you with occult content that was reserved for the select few over the centuries. Mere possession of this knowledge was once a mark of adeptship and access to the Greater Mysteries. It still takes a special individual to recognize the value of this content and appreciate its full potential. It is the story of power over the centuries: coveted by many, pursued by some, acquired by a few, and respected by everyone.

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