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Magick Manuscript Collection Volume One

Price: $34.95 ($34.95 incl. TAX)

Magic manuscripts are one of a kind. They stay locked up in private collections or libraries once acquired. A rare few are sold or made available as ebooks. Nothing beats having a paper version of a manuscript. Now you can own a printed color reproduction of some of the most beautiful and informative magic manuscripts. Those digital images are printed on quality paper using the best photographic color book printing machines available. The reproduction is then perfect bound just like a normal book for your reading pleasure. Volume One manuscript is rare for its beautiful colored Arabian talismanic images. Many of those talismans appear in the Sun of Knowledge by al-Buni. However, up until now, printed versions have tended to be of low quality, black and white, and difficult to decipher. The talismanic images in this manuscript are in vivid color. This Arabic manuscript covers magic, talismans, astrology, and the science of the letters. This gem of a collectible is 148 pages long with the original estimated at around 150 years old.

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