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Mystical Meditations on the Christian Collects

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Mystical Meditations on the Christian Collects is a collection of esoteric explanations of the prayers in the Anglican Church Book of Prayers. These prayers are offered during the church calendar year to honor saints and holy days. An accomplished occultist and deep mystic, Dion Fortune shares gems of perception through her brilliant commentaries. Her interpretation of these prayers provides a bridge between the Christian faith and the mystical traditions and gives guidance to those who truly wish to live lives modeled upon that of the Master Jesus. The mysticism that inspires these meditations transcends their Christian origins, to be of a universal order that recognizes the underlying truth of all religions. The insights in Miss Fortune's analysis contain treasures for any devout person, Christian or otherwise. If you love to be inspired by great spiritual wisdom, you will love this book.

About the Author:

Dion Fortune (1891-1946) was one of the luminous and significant figures of the 20th century esoteric world. She was the founder of The Society of the Inner Light and a pioneer in psychology and the occult.

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