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Tamaghis of Avicenna & Ashyaloh Names (Video Lecture)

Price: $49.95 ($49.95 incl. TAX)

The legend of the Emerald Tablet is well known. The Picatrix (Ghayat al-Hakim) shares a less well known story of Hermes' own journey. Hermes attains contact with his perfect nature, before unlocking the mysteries of the Universe. In the legend, a set of powerful names are revealed. These names are keys to dream magic and to power and wisdom. Nineveh Shadrach discusses the secret of the Perfect Nature, the Personal Star, and how to use these names to unlock both visions in your dream and an intense contact with the spirit world. Nineveh also discusses the ancient Ashyaloh names and their benefits. This is a must have for those interested in Hermetic, ancient Arabic magic, and spiritual transformation.
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