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Jinn Secret VI: Beni Sijharnah - the Magical Tribe of the Jinn

Price: $39.95 ($39.95 incl. TAX)

Explore in this e-report the list of powerful jinn magicians that can come to your aid when you most needed. Summoning good jinn magicians can be handy when you need a boost of extra magic to bail you out or you need to manifest something outside of your current ability. The grimoires are full of things that spirits can do for you from the most mundane to the seemingly miraclous. Most of these are demons or archdemons or basically underworld jinn. Now you can go straight to the source and establish alliances with powerful jinn magicians. The report comes with the various jinn in this magical tribe and their area of focus. You will also receive a special magical evocation for each one. Use it open the door to a whole new level of magical reality and alliances. Be one of the first 10 to order and receive each jinni's unique summoning beat.
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