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Secrets of Ancient Magic: Path of the Goddess

Price: $200.00 ($200.00 incl. TAX)

Before Magic That Works came to being, there was Secrets of Ancient Magic. The book was pulled off the shelf after it sold only 50 copies. Forty pages were removed and many of the chapters were edited and in some cases rewritten to be what is now Magic That Works.

The short lived paperback didn't die. It became a sought after collectable. People kept emailing us wondering if we had copies still at hand. The book was in such demand that even the editor's copy was notes and marks sold for hundreds of dollars.

This is old news for those in the know. We're still getting requests, so there you go. The book is back! Before you get excited, we've decided to print only 5 copies and that's it! Each copy is bound in blue cloth cover and comes with FREE shipping in North America and Europe.

This is a golden opportunity for collectors and magical seekers. Once they're gone, they're gone.

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