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Red Magick: Grimoire of Djinn Spells and Sorceries

Red Magick: Grimoire of Djinn Spells and Sorceries
Price: $55.00 ($55.00 incl. TAX)

Infamous Egyptian sorcerer al-Toukhi wrote more than 30 books on magick, astrology, geomancy, and spirit evocation. Red Magick was one of the last titles he composed before his death. He compiled many power-house methods of sorcery from the archives of his manuscript collection and from the manuscripts preserved in Egyptian libraries.

Red Magick is a book for sorcerers looking for results at all costs. In its pages, scholars and researchers will find compelling insights into Djinn-based sorcery. Practitioners of witchcraft, sorcery, practical magic, voodoo, and other spell-based arts can find inspiration and techniques to take them to the next level of causing reality to conform to their will.

Red Magick takes its name from the Red King of the Jinn and focuses on works of sexual arousal and domination and works of destruction and conquering all obstacles in one’s path. Use at your own discretion.

Table of Contents

You will find in this book conjurations and evocations such as:

  • Imam Ghazali’s Famous and Time-Tested Invocation and Its Employments
  • The Conjuration of Queen Aynah
  • Conjuration of a Servitor
  • Conjuration of the Scourge, for Lord Metatron
  • The Conjuration of Harun Rashid
  • The Invocation of Sura Quraysh
  • A Conjuration by the Letter Ha
  • The Invocation of Barhatyah and Its Employments
  • The Invocation of the Moon

Rare occult secrets such as:

  • Servants of the Night
  • Magic of Flautice the Copt
  • Ring of King Solomon
  • The Employments of Sura 113
  • The How-to for Meeting with Consort Jinns

Powerful spells and techniques such as:

  • To Ward Off Hindering and Possessing Jinns
  • To Make Someone Depart from Their Residence
  • To Have Something Revealed to You in a Dream
  • Spells to Terminate the Evil Eye
  • Spells for Charisma and Positive Reception
  • Spells for Binding
  • Spells for animity, divorce, and destruction

Amulets and Talismans such as:

  • Talismans for Fulfillment of Needs and Commerce
  • Talisman for General Healing
  • Amulet of the Lock
  • Amulets for Winning the Hearts of Others
  • Amulets for Acquiring Honor
  • Seal for Attracting Money
  • Seal for Blessing

Many love spells using the power of the Jinn such as:

  • Inducing Love through Faq†ash
  • Inducing Love through Aboo Nookh
  • A Seven-Day Love Spell
  • Arousal through Zaytoonah
  • Inducing Love through Aboo al-Hawl
  • Inducing Love through Safa, the Daughter of Iblis
  • Inducing Love through Abdullah the Hornet
  • Inducing love through King Maymoon
  • And Much More!
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