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Scroll of Seven Seals: Unlock Your Magical Power eReport

Scroll of Seven Seals: Unlock Your Magical Power eReport
Price: $35.95 ($35.95 incl. TAX)

Imagine if you were in possession of the ultimate planetary clock. Ancient magicians knew that timing matters when it comes to the planets. They designed the system of planetary hours, cast natal charts, and left no stone unturned. They even erected massive stones aligned with the stars to guide them. One of these clocks is a potent tool in the toolbox of any magician and yet almost unknown today. Nineveh Shadrach reveals how this clock can be used to tap into the power of the planets in an amazing way. He provides the exact time from now till the next ten years.

What makes this clock so special is that tapping into the planets during these times leads to unlocking the spiritual power within you like never before. It is true that a magician can evoke the planets during other planetary days, but during these times the planets form a very special alignment that creates an initiatic peak and unmatched power vortex. Nineveh provides you with a Ruhaniat ritual to help you lift the veil between the mundane and the magical and melt away blockages and turbocharge your connection.

Bonus: First five orders will receive as a bonus a free audio of the names of the angels of the 33 lights aka the oldests stars in the universe.
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